“Especially in this age of agitated mind, the Action Path is a pathway that allows the mental energy to be harnessed very quickly. But again, having said that, one has to be prepared, one has to be virtuous, one has to be physically and mentally cleansed as well as properly initiated into the wisdom, otherwise there can be serious repercussions to the incorrect practice. So the teaching has been given; you have to develop a working understanding of it but the actual practice of it is a different story and this is where most people fail.”

-From the book: ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES OF THE KYBALION: A Hermetic Mystic Psychology Primer



Spiritual practice and applying the teaching is as important as learning the teaching and understanding it correctly. If the spiritual journey only consisting of listening to the teachings, even from a qualified teacher, but the practice is faulty, then success on the path will be difficult.

As part of the course program all aspirants are to engage in the practice of Shedy Disciplines daily. Shedy means actions that help one to penetrate or progress towards uncovering the mysteries.
Here in the Shedy Room page you will find video and audio to help you in your daily practice and during the webinars we will engage in basic shedy practice along with a question and answer session. You are to daily practice at least 5 minutes daily (you can do more but not less than) of Devotional worship of the divine, Meditation, and Postures with the materials provided here. You should also engage in some daily practice of wisdom study and not just on the day you are working to finish your lessons. In other words, your practice needs to be daily, so do something every day even if it is only 5-15 out of the day. Try not to let days go by when you do not look at any aspect of the teaching. So visit this page daily to fulfill this requirements.

At the end of your day keep a journal of your activities and check off your shedy activities you did today.







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