In this course: ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ECONOMICS & How to Create a Financial Investment Endowment in the 21st Century & Foundations of Ancient Egyptian Economics – Dr. Muata Ashby will discuss the economic principles of Ancient Egyptian society based on MAAT wisdom. Dr. Ashby feels strongly that this is a special time in history that all should take heed to understand and prepare for.

This course will use the book ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ECONOMICS as the class text. This book will be included as part of the course.

Other books will be made available for further reference and will be included as part of the course for reference reading:

Malfeasance and immorality


Collapse of civilization.


COURSE PLAN AND OBJECTIVES:  Dr. Ashby will discuss the Ancient Egyptian principles in the context of modern practice of economics and the application of the Ancient Egyptian Economic principles for modern times amidst the malfeasance  frauds and corruptions of modern society and the worldwide economic systems of capitalism and markets, fascism, and the attempt for GREAT RESET and NEW WORLD ORDER. This course will not be providing individualized investment advice but will seek to provide a forum and the tools and information for understanding what is investment, savings, money and legitimate sources of information and investment vehicles for spiritual life in the context of Ancient Egyptian economics wisdom for prosperity, sustainability and enlightenment. Then the student will do their own research and decide on the best course of action for their finances and investments.

  • This course will discuss topics such as creating a personal or family or organizational investment endowment
  • Is this the best time to invest for sustainable prosperity?
  • Will the world economy collapse and when?
  • Is it a good time to buy gold, real estate? stocks?
  • Importance of ethical finances and spiritual prosperity based on the teachings of our Ancient Egyptian sages.
  • This course will include presentations of information and links for students to do their own research and formulate their financial endowment plan.