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Welcome To The Virtual Neterian Spirituality Classrooms


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Welcome to the Orientation website for the Egyptian Mysteries School Training Program. This is an information site for for those aspirants seeking spiritual training in the teaching of Shetaut Neter (Ancient Egyptian Mysteries) and Sema Tawi (Egyptian Yoga) as taught by Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby. Here you will find information about how the program is organized and what the purpose and goal has been in setting it up. You will be able to see your questions answered and understand how the advancing study of The Egyptian Mysteries can by the most important part of your life as well as the most beneficial. You will be able to see how you can an Egyptian Mysteries student and practitioner from anywhere in the world.


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The Sema Institute of Yoga / Temple of Shetaut Neter /Kemet University is a 501c3 spiritual organization founded on the principles of the religion and philosophy known as Shetaut Neter or Neterianism.


Shetaut Neter is an ancient African, Ancient Egyptian tradition of Religion and Mystical Philosophy espousing the wisdom of ethical conscience, physical purity, mental discipline and connection with nature so as to discover the inner and outer essence of Creation and thereby experience higher consciousness or Nehast or Spiritual Enlightenment.


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Photo of Sebai MAA and Sba Dja conducting Shetaut Neter Egyptian Mysteries Conference




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The Egyptian Mysteries Virtual Neterian Spirituality School Program


The Egyptian Mysteries Virtual Neterian Spirituality Classroom Divinity School Program is composed of three CLASSROOMS:


The decision as to which classroom an aspirant is admitted into is arrived at through an initial assessment conducted by the teacher via an interview and questionnaire. The knowledge contained in all classes is required for those students seeking spiritual evolution in the Egyptian Mysteries.


 Level 1 Glyphs

1- Egyptian Mysteries Level 1:           SHETAU QEMAMU -MYSTERIES OF MATTER


 Level 2 Glyphs

2- Egyptian Mysteries: Level 2:          SHETAU MATNU -MYSTERIES OF MYTH


 Level 3 Glyphs

3- Egyptian Mysteries: Level 3:          SHETAU SECHET HETEP -MYSTERIES OF MIND




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CLASSROOM Egyptian Mysteries Training Level 1:

 Level 1 Glyphs




SUMMARY: Goals and Objectives:



  • The Egyptian Mysteries of Matter classroom is designed to be a very low intensity self-paced introductory classroom to introduce the lay aspirant to the basic teachings of Shetaut Neter and Sema Tawi spirituality.
  • This classroom focuses on the Egyptian Mystery teachings related to human existence, the nature of religious process, the stages of religion and paths of yoga disciplines as well as how to become founded in the physical nature.




CLASSROOM Egyptian Mysteries Training Level 2:


 Level 2 Glyphs





SUMMARY: Goals and Objectives:


  • The Egyptian Mysteries of Myth classroom is designed to advance the serious aspirant by affording an opportunity to gain firm understanding of the culture and mythic wisdom teaching of Neterian spirituality through the study of the mythic wisdom of the Asarian Resurrection teaching of Shetaut Neter including Maat philosophy, meditation and Devotion practice. This will be accomplished through concentrating on the mythic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection through an extended lecture series that was conducted by Sebai MAA.



CLASSROOM Egyptian Mysteries Training Level 3:


Level 3 Glyphs




SUMMARY: Goals and Objectives:


  • The Egyptian Mysteries of Mind classroom is designed for those aspirants who successfully traverse the paths of Egyptian Mysteries of Matter and Myth, who want to apply themselves to a more intensive and demanding practice through study of a more philosophical text, more assignments and more demands in terms of spiritual practice competency, punctuality, readings, audio listening and video assignments as well as higher expectation of completion of shedy practice and meditative time spent. This program is more individualized with one on one meetings monthly with the teacher.




A Virtual Temple Model: The Online Classroom Web Site.


The classroom website will be your portal to the classroom and course materials as well as interaction with fellow initiate aspirants and your spiritual teachers and preceptors so that the aspirant will be able to work towards their stated spiritual goals.


The Program will use the medium of Online Audio and Video, Webinars, and Online Chat-room to accomplish the stated goals. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for aspirants to communicate amongst each other and with the teacher both in a group chat and also privately.


Therefore the main components of the program through which the Aspirant will study and experience the teaching are:


  • Viewing video and or listening to audio materials through online access
  • Completing assignments related to those audio and video materials by submitting the requested reflections in the online discussion group chat room
  • Communicating with and having fellowship with other students studying the same teaching in the same way.
  • Meeting with other aspirants who are engaging the studies, through online webinars
  • Communicating with and getting feedback from the teacher about the assignments and communications in the classroom


(see the virtual temple model diagram below)



Virtual Temple of Shetaut Neter

virtual temple Virtual temple model

MYSTERY SCHOOL STUDIES AND THE PROCESS OF INITIATION. The goal of the temple is to train aspirants and help them develop physically and mentally to a place in life where they can grow in wisdom, mental stability and centeredness sufficient, from studies at MYSTERIES OF MATTER level, to be eventually advanced into MYSTERIES OF MYTH level studies and later to the advancing philosophy and practice of MYSTERIES OF MIND level studies and be able to make use of the teaching they will receive at that level to effect their own final spiritual enlightenment, immortality, and transcendental consciousness. It is to be clearly understood that these studies of MATTER, MYTH and MIND, constitute a highly evolved and progressive initiatic study. Initiation can be a ceremony but it is also a process. This course program constitutes the process of gaining the knowledge and practice that leads to enlightenment whether there is formal initiation or not. For example, some of the requirements of formal initiation include attending conferences and working wit the teacher in person. A person who lives far away and with limited means may not be able to fulfill such a requirement but may be able to attend this online program. So they may be able to complete the studies and be equipped for attaining enlightenment but not for formal initiation. Those who successfully traverse the path outlined are considered as having completed an initiation process at the end of which a certification of completion will be given. Formal initiation is not covered by this program. However, these courses form the academic basis for the levels of initiation offered by the Temple of Shetaut Neter including priesthood practice. Therefore, this program in itself constitutes an initiatic training, a true initiatic way of education and you will be indeed working with a qualified spiritual preceptor as your general spiritual guide and if you successfully complete the program and receive confirmation of your understanding beyond intellectual level, you may be qualified to receive formal initiation in person or remotely. In this context, the informal spiritual practice through this program is to also be considered informal initiation and is actually the most important aspect of the spiritual practice which helps the aspirant to understand and practice the teachings correctly so as to be able to lead themselves to attain enlightenment. In addition to this you may also choose to be formally initiated which has the value of assisting to focus your devotional and intellectual movement towards the goal of the teachings though it is not absolutely necessary nor required in order to attain enlightenment. There are many aspirants who have been formally initiated but who fail on the spiritual path because they sought formal initiation for egoistic and unwise reasons so formal initiation is no guarantee of success on the spiritual path. What is more pertinent is following and applying an authentic teaching in the correct manner and being led by a qualified teacher and working to become a qualified student. What is important in this context is that if the aspirant applies him/herself to the initiatic path outlined with openness, humility and a desire to transform themselves, along with the holding in mind the idea of this program as being an authentic spiritual practice and you are being led by the desired preceptorship, and letting the teacher and teaching into their heart and mind, then they can consider themselves as initiates even if they have not been formally initiated. Those still seeking formal initiation should consult with their mentor or spiritual adviser about this issue. Those who have been previously initiated at some level of study should check with their mentor to evaluate what level of study in this program is most suitable for them.



Update on Courses and initiations at Kemet University:

Sebai Maa: Re: UNUT Initiates: We have instituted a course by invitation only -for those who do not know- entitled “Studies of Ancient Egyptian clergy.” The completion of that course constitutes a completion of academic work of what it means and the practice of working as an UNUT. In our context for today those who complete the course can use the title as UNUT when doing UNUT service as having achieved completion of the academic work and having attained that academic degree. You may have noticed that several aspirants were referred to as UNUT during the conference. They were designated as UNUT during the period of the program doing various services. Technically they are not all graduated UNUT but were only doing the service for that time and thus referred to as such during that period.


There was a previous UNUT course that was offered in the year 2012 and that course had previous graduates who currently may use the designation UNUT as having completed that previous course: UNUT AMUNTYT, UNUT KHEPERA, UNUT UN SHEN, UNUT SETNA, UNUT RA-TEM, UNUT ANPU. They (Except Ra-Tem) are also working in this new current course. The current course also includes Asar Ma’at and Asr Djehuty Mes (Alex Moore). When they (Asr Ma’at and Asr Djehuty Mes) complete the course they will have the capacity to use the UNUT title when doing UNUT work. The clergy responsibility is to get closer to God so as to discovering enlightenment and also share what they can with those who are interested. Therefore, the clergy should not have a hold on people or irrational expectations or impositions on people. But rather like the sun, to shine on all and let them grow as their aryu sees fit for the current time. In this way we can avoid inordinate stress in relating and lean on the more positive side of humanity within ourselves and in others, and thereby facilitate spiritual evolution in a better way.



WHat does the term “Bastu” mean?  Bastu is a term refering to “Initiates.” This brings up another related topic-many people have wondered about the fact that there have been no Asaru initiations or any initiations of other types for over 17 years except Shemsu initiations. In 2014 the successful creation of Kemet University afforded a new format of education and initiations and you have already seen some of the products of that new program with the Bastu of Het Aset. So Shems Baket, Shems Akhu, Shems Heryt can legitimately also use the title of Bastu Het Aset (initiates of the Temple of Isis), as they have completed the academic course and have been able to gain certain insights through their studies and practice. This designation -as Asaru- means someone who has made above average effort in study and practice of the teachings. Again- they deserve the respect that that implies but also rationally and based on their capacity of manifesting virtue and erudition. So there should be no irrational expectation that they are fully enlightened beings that should be expected to act perfectly all the time.


Re: Asaru Initiates: With the inception of the new Temple of Asar course there will be the possibility of new Asaru initiates of those who complete the program and all the requirements of the course.


Re: Rational Understanding About Initiates: Again, an academic degree denoting having undergone the trainings practices, meditations and reflections of the temple and then the initiates are responsible to live and practice and perfect the teachings. The degree does not confer automatic enlightenment but rather purports to provide the means to achieve that after initiation there needs to be continued practice formal and informal and especially meditation and especially ritual and service to humanity.


Therefore respect and admire them (the full time or acting clergy) to the extent they demonstrate virtue and erudition and rely on yourself for your spiritual evolution while availing yourself of their assistance to the extent they can render such aspirants and the community are like a garden of the clergy which they are happy to tend as a way to practice the gifts they received from the Divine. So the aspirant should not think of the relationship as owing to the clergy- the opportunity to serve is payment enough.


The clergy should not think of aspirants as good or bad for following or not following the teachings as the clergy think they should, The clergy’s responsibility is to get closer to God so as to discover enlightenment and also share what they can with those who are interested. Therefore, the clergy should not have a hold on people or irrational expectations or impositions on people But rather like the sun to shine on all and let them grow as their aryu sees fit for the current time. In this way we can avoid inordinate stress in relating and lean on the more positive side of humanity within ourselves and in others. and thereby facilitate spiritual evolution in a better way.



internet communication worldwide

This program is designed to take advantage of advances in modern technology so as to allow The Sema Institute/Temple of Shetaut Neter to extend its teaching capacities and help those aspirants worldwide who have been reading the books for years but did not have the opportunity to attend classes in person or have not been able to communicate directly with Sebai MAA. In this way the aspirants will be able to maintain contact at minimal cost and thereby advance their practice and in the teachings of Shetaut Neter and Sema Tawi.

Summary of Classroom Setup

 EM Level 1 classroom summary B






For those who are not registered and are interested in registering to attend the courses, please send an email requesting information about the application process.


For More information send email to Seba Het Neter-Kemet University Divinity School.



Note About The Pr-existing Kemet University Associate Degree Program and the relationship to this New Egyptian Mystery School Online Divinity School Program

This Egyptian Mysteries Initiatic Studies Program will incorporate the courses contained in the Associate Degree program which was a self administered and self-paced correspondence program. The Kemet University Associate degree program provides self-directed study of the fundamental teachings and practice of Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality.

This Egyptian Mysteries Initiatic Studies program (Seba Het Neter –Neter Divinity School) is designed to provide assisted, ongoing development in the spiritual philosophy and practice along with mentorship and fellowship. The AA degree classes are co-requirements of the MYSTERIES OF MIND Classroom Program so it is to be completed before a certificate of completion may be given to the aspirant.




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