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This page is a statement for all aspirants generally about the nature of the relationship among students in class and with the teachers. It is to serve as a guiding framework for the spiritual work to be undertaken so as to maintain order, honesty and good association for all.

Classroom Maat:

Classroom Maat means classroom ethics, honor and honesty. All aspirants granted access to this school are expected to maintain a character and decorum in harmony with the precepts and spirit of Maatian injunctions and to otherwise make any corrections as directed by the teacher. The incapacity to do so may necessitate the suspension of access to this school web site.


Personal Questions:

Keep in mind that in some areas of the teaching there may be questions that elicit personal responses or include issues of a personal nature and you can choose to share those with the group or you may choose to share those directly with the teacher.


Fiduciary relationship:

Fiduciary relationship: The authorized teacher that will communicate with you is bound by a fiduciary relationship meaning that they cannot share your personal information or reflections without your permission unless it is a matter of life and death, personal safety or danger to yourself or the community. So you may feel free to share your thoughts and feelings privately, knowing they will not be shared without your consent and will only be used to best counsel you on your spiritual path. It is important on the Kemetic path to not harbor self-delusions (lies) to yourself and this is why this issue is prominent in the precepts of Maat.