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This is series a special Audio lecture series dealing with some important issues that all aspirants should be aware of. It is designed to use three areas of life: Physical, Mental and Spiritual [Earth plane, Astral plane, Causal plane] from which to view how Shetaut Neter and Maat Philosophy apply to every aspect of life. So it ranges from subjects related to health, to politics and economics and issues of spiritual life for the purpose of helping those who are interested in Shetaut Neter and Maat Philosophy gain insight into the nature of reality and how life should be led to improve physical life and well being as well as promote a spiritual foundation in life to facilitate positive spiritual evolution.

This course also covers issues related to culture, history, science, Nutrition, Social Justice, Racism, Capitalism, Socialism, Police State and Corporatocracy.

This series deals with issues of war and peace, delusions in upbringing, and the media, medical establishment, religion and politics as well as delusions about oneself and the problem of egoism. This series also deals with issues of gender inequality, overwhelming hatred, negative relationships, maladaptation to human existence and the overpowering nature of the unconscious mind when it has been caused to assimilate and retain negative impressions through undue stresses, injustices and ignorance from negative upbringings and socialization, negative work situations and how we ourselves play into the delusions we live by and that need to be faced and resolved in order to move forward on the spiritual path of initiatic sciences of the mysteries.


This Online Classroom has been setup for those new to the Kemetic culture and philosophy, outlook on life and way of viewing world events and making sense of life. It is also for those interested in the Kemet University studies but are not ready for intensive study programs and would prefer a more self-paced and low intensity study program with specific assignments and intensive mentoring. This course has been setup with materials to assist you in listening to the class lecture, to reflect and then apply the teaching presented. You listen at your own pace and access the materials at any time. This class is designed as a self-administered classroom meaning that you determine not only your pace but the classes are released to you sequentially for better assimilation and understanding allowing the proper amount of time between lessons for listening and reflection. For additional assistance you can ask questions in an optional discussion forum.


These lessons have been setup so that you may listen to them and then reflect on what has been heard at your own pace and in your own time. This is a self administered or guided course meaning that there are no grades or assignments except those that you set for yourself and you can ask for as much guidance through the discussion forum as you want or not at all in accord with your needs.

It is suggested that you choose any or all of the ways to benefit from the course. You may use the following procedures below to get the most out of the course according to the level of interaction you prefer.

FOR SELF STUDY AND REFLECTION: General self-assessment and Improvement and reflection questions:

You may follow this procedure for personal study and self-development.

1- Keep a journal with notes from the classes on items you find important or that you would like to followup on.

2- As you listen keep the following questions in mind as simulators and assistants to getting the most out of the class.

A-What are the important themes being covered in this lecture?

B-What items have been covered that I need to incorporate into my understanding about life going forward?

C-What do I need to do to take action on and what do I need to do to take steps on that path of action?


FOR MORE DIRECTED STUDY-Specific lesson question:

The specific lesson question is about a specific area of interest covered in the lesson and you can listen for it in the lecture recording or find it in the summary. Doing this will help you work through the lesson and also gain an important teaching being imparted in that lesson to be reflected on and remembered. This is a more intensive study.


Optional feedback:

Once you find the answer to the specific question you may choose to post your thoughts in the discussion forum and ask for feedback on it to verify you understood correctly or you may have a question about it. If so you may post that and wait for feedback (guidance/mentoring) on it.



NOTE: There are actually 27 classes in the series but below you will find descriptions only up to class 20


TOPICS LIST- Contents of the Recordings

The list of KLS Topics below has been provided for assistance in following the KLS Classes. They are not intended to be a complete listing of all subjects covered but more so the major topics. So they are presented as an aid and not as a complete summary. Not all classes have topic listings so use this section with those limitations in mind. The major source of teaching in this course is the recordings themselves and that should be the main source for all content. Therefore keep good notes on the subjects you hear being discussed.


Classes 1 & 2 were informational.


Class 3 – Practical methods for living a Kemetic life. Diet for the body, philosophy for the mind, wisdom teachings for formal & informal meditation. Body: from Kemetic Diet Book. Mind: Attain purity of mind, become lucid. Soul: Practice introspection and meditation.


Class 4 – Body: Digestion, cleansing the body idea is to live a healthy lifestyle that promotes health, righteous life. Mind: Devotion: What is devotion, why it is important to us, what is the purpose and who should we be devoted to. Soul: From Asarian Resurrection food for soul is truth.


Class 5 – Overall theme is issue of Truth. Body: Truth of stress how it manifests in the body. Mind: Cravings control you if you allow them to control you; Spiritual path is one of de-stressing. Grow in wisdom. Mind: Devotion conjoined with wisdom and truth (Saa). Aset is model of wisdom and truth. “True is love for what is true.” Soul: Secret indentity of the Gods and Goddesses. Neteru are actually the Divine Self. Reflection of the teaching of devotion and truth.


Class 6 – Overall “Amma Su en Pa Neter” Chant of aspirants from Sage Ani. Body: Arit food offerings to be spiritually energized and nourishing. Mind: secret to mental health is controlling the mind by being established in truth. Soul: Sage Ani Amma Su en Pa Neter. You are either feeding the soul or feeding the ego.


Class 7 – Issue of how an aspirant is to approach the teaching. How to Keep thyself daily for God. What questions are useful and appropriate and how to make use of those questions. Mind: Idea of seeking hidden truths


Class 8 – Theme: The importance of proper environment for the body, mind and soul to not cause Ukhedu. Body: Issues of clean air, water, gluten, refined sugar, inflammation, chemicals, radiation and carcinogens. Q&A re: – disinfectant soap, meatless diet, probiotics; economy and fiat currency. Use of natural sugar and honey. Mind: proper environment for the mind.


Class 9 – Continuing the theme of proper environment. Body: Issues related to wheat gluten and sugar. Greening of the body, “Hotep di si ntr iri mettu wadj.” Mind: Teachings of MeriKaRa re: Asiatics, harsh people. Try to live in a pristine, peaceful environment. Soul: Songs of the Harper environments beyond the physical plane and how we are to live our lives in purity of thoughts and actions. Discovering the “Field of Peace.”


Class 10 – Body: Kemetic Diet Book- proper food combining, mucous forming properties of some vegetable and fruits, being mindful of what we eat as well as how and when of consumption. Hints on juicing. Mind: Q&A re: Overall theme of Higher Truth. Requires cleansing of the heart and feelings. Soul: PMH gloss on how aspirants can search within themselves to discover the Higher Truth.


Class 11 – Overall theme was the Lotus. Body: Insights into what Ancient Kemetans ate; why different people have different tendencies, desires, capacities. Q&A: – contaminants in food; cure allergies, eating produce in season. Mind: God NeferTem and use of Lotus in Memphite theology. Soul: PMH Making Transformation into a Lotus.” Breathing the lotus, opening the mettu allowing life force energy to flow, turning towards the day coming into the light.


Class 12 – Overall theme was Ariu. Body: Ariu determines physical constitution, birth placement with family, Ariu most important discovery in ancient Kemet and continues today. Q &A re: Why worry about health if one is soul?; Become Swadj; understand Ariu and effects on the body. Mind: Readings from “Mysteries of the Kybalion”re: Ariu and gender, witnessing consciousness, allow the teachings to impregnate the sub and unconscious mind to sprout higher thoughts; grow in wisdom. Soul: Two roads, fortune and destiny; Hymns of Amun become free of ignorance, dictates of the heart.


Class 13 – Body: What aspirants should know about hospitals and health care. Comparison of Kemetan and modern health care. Poor ethics, staggering statistics of “Death by Medicine.” Mind: Mostly Q&A re: sports; +/- spirits; how to fulfill civic duty with Kemetic approach; state of aggression, double stds. Soul: PMH Chp. 34 Entering the Divine Boat & Sailing into Eternity – healing the mind and body, living free of the fetters.


Class 14 – Overall theme: what does it mean to be a qualified spiritual aspirant, who is qualified? Body: Hygiene, fiber. Q&A: Kemetic teachings and death penalty; too big to fail, hotheads, what is purpose of leadership, thoughts about Ebola. Mind: Aspirants need a guide, correct techniques, shedy, initiation. Teachings of Temple of Aset. Soul: PMH Chp. 33 Enter the House of Asar; listen, consistent study and meditation.


Class 15 – Body: Modern research supports Kemetic Diet. Open ears to voice of truth, have humility to be open to allow yourself to be open other steps. Carniverous diet and medieval England. Mind: Collapse of civilization, medically, economically, police state; Maat vs. Fascism; issue of media, unprecedented debt. Do not be like ostriches, strengthen will. Soul: PMH ch. 17 – appeal to not reincarnate. Reincarnation is disgusting.


Class 16 – Body: The importance of eating whole foods and taking supplements. Q&A: Anniv. of Atomic bomb; Kmt teachings on favoritism, dbl. std rich/poor; Solar flares, global warming. Mind: Good Association/Knumt Nefer; consume pure foods, thoughts, Preceptorship, Knumt Nefer- living fire, cornerstone of positive and good things in life. Soul: PMH Ch. 31 – Chapter of Knowing what is to be Known. Good association with sages you gain capacity of enter the Duat come close to Divinities.


Class 17 – Q&A: Moving to different country, issue of pollution, dietary practices around the world. Soul:PMH chp. 22 “The Words for Making Transfer into Tem” Nuk Pu connection/instruction of embodying feelings, appearance and consciousness of the Gods and Goddesses leading to one pointed thought process with Maat, live by truth, formal and informal practice of meditation.


Class 18 – reflections of Tjef Neteru program in Jamaica


Class 19 – Maat Philosophy related to Ariu; 3 levels of consciousness; Ari m Htp; balance in worldly entanglements. Q&A: water bottles; ISIS conflict; Soul: PMH Chp. 12 “The Words for Allowing Men/Women to Remember their Name in the Neterkhert.” Idea of remembrance with Divinity, myth of Ra & Aset; no obstruction to reach higher realms of Heaven.


Class 20: Relationships. Based on happiness is like quicksand. Benefits-less disease, live longer if in a loving relationship. Opposite: lonely, depressed, promoting disease. Control emotions. Q&A: 50% of Americans can’t survive 2 wks. w/o a paycheck. Band together, move to a different country. Facebook and how people use it, corruption. Mind: Serpent power/sexuality; searching for oneself in the world is pursuit of an illusion; Teddy Prendergrass song line by line comparison, maladaptation, co-dependency bound for failure.







What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

Silence of Politicians and mainstream media about lawbreaking, atrocities, propaganda


What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

State Aggression- About empire and bases around the world and corporate culture of consumerism and destruction of environment despoiling of natural resources and wars of conquest to userp the resources of others. Israel


What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

Favoritism – double standard for the rich vs poor


What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

Death Penalty   Look forward not backward   –Too big to fail



What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

Unjust Jailing of black vs white, death penalty bias, Letting wall street crimes go unpunished – police brutality



What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

Hot Heads -Rush Limbaugh and the like



What does the Kemetic teaching say about…

Purpose of Leadership