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$42.00 Monthly




The Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Initiation course is not conducted like ordinary western university programs. It consists of a set number of lessons in which students are asked to work through video lectures, audio lectures or book readings. Then they are required to post answers to questions or write short essays. Those posts are then reviewed by Dr. Muata Ashby and or Dr. Dja Ashby.


The review of the posts is conducted in a manner dedicated to intensive spiritual evolution. That requires quality handling of each student’s posts and assignments. Each post is reviewed in a live interactive setting online where all students can benefit from the interaction and discussions while you receive direct feedback on your assignments. This provides an optimal opportunity for spiritual evolution in keeping with ancient standards of the Ancient Egyptian temple mysteries that Dr. Ashby has documented over the last 28 years.


Each new student should understand:

  • Your posts will be reviewed in order of the postings. Due to the number of students it may take 2-4 months before your posts are reviewed,


  • In the mean time you will be able to see and review the posts and reviews of other students and after a short waiting period you will gain access to the live review sessions.


  • This program has been purposely setup in this way to allow the students to participate in multiple recurring sessions in order to allow opportunities for hearing and reflecting on the teachings of the Egyptian Mysteries – which cannot happen by reading a book or listening to a lecture. It is important to hear the teaching from varied angles, each introducing new nuances that promote positive physical, mental and spiritual evolution. This procedure allows the teachings to become firmly assimilated and for complexes and issues of the personality to be worked out. This is the real initiatic process. Initiation is not an event but rather a process of evolution that occurs in degrees over time. Therefore, this is a process setup for mature and serious spiritual aspirants.


  • Once you have completed a lesson and posted your answers, you may proceed to work though the next lessons and assignments even if your previous posts have not been reviewed yet – they are in the queue.


  • Once you have completed all assignments and posts of the EM-1 Initiation class you will not be charged additional fees and you may stay in the class until all your posts are reviewed. You are expected to attend classes so as to receive the nuances of the teachings that arise when varied posts, other than your own, are reviewed.


  • If you have any further questions please contact us for further clarification.