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Course Costs and Sustainability



I have thought carefully about the issue of sustainability for this program which makes use of technology that must be maintained in an ongoing fashion as well as costs for materials and time to manage the program so as to substitute the time spent in it for time employed in other programs. This program is unique in that it is a semi-ongoing access to numerous study materials; the teacher of mysteries as well as the capacity to work at one’s own pace and start at any given time. It is similar to a university course in some ways in that it makes use of technology to deliver a course online, together with a specialized discussion system, but also has elements of webinars so that the student may see the teacher for a more personalized and authentic experience closer to an in person interaction. But it also has elements of spiritual counseling and group therapy programs to help the personality work through the issues that will be brought to the surface by means of the teaching as an aspirant works to cleanse her/him self while progressing through the program. The closest program we have conducted, similar to this new KU Egyptian Mysteries College, was a yearlong training for Hemu (priesthood) but this new program has more elements and particulars that the previous one did not. So, with all that in mind we have striven to have the required technology to deliver the course program and plan the required time to run the program while also having an affordable cost that would not be burdensome for aspirants. In this way it could be sustaining to the program and the aspirants. The following will be the fee structure for this pilot year of the program and as time passes we will review to make sure that the program is and remains sustainable as we move forward and then make adjustments where needed. Of course if the program proves to be unsustainable meaning that it is not affordable or there are insufficient numbers of students benefiting from the program, then the existence of the program overall may be reconsidered.

Egyptian Mysteries Training Kemet101/Level 1 Course

$42 per month

***It is suggested that the student complete Kemet 101/Level 1 before continuing to Temple of Asar and Temple of Aset courses

Teachings of the Temple of Asar CLASSROOM and Special 360 degree web page including exclusive content and teachings direct from temple readings of hieroglyphs Course

$37.00 per month


Teachings of the Temple of Aset CLASSROOM including original translation of the Teachings of the Temple of Aset Scripture Course

$49 per month


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